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THE BEST IN LAKE AND RIVER FISHING, Pawistik Lodge in western Canada offers a unique combination of solitude and accessibility.  Fishing spots range from large, open, shallow lakes where lunker northern pikes lie, to deep pools below fast water that produce big catches of walleye.  Large whitefish and rainbow trout can also be enticed with a fly.



News Highlights From Volume 20, Summer 2014


Download Complete Pawistik News Volume 20,2014


Merkley Family a Fixture Since 2009

As the title suggests, the Merkley family has been coming up to Pawistik since  the summer of 2009, and they are making plans to come again this year as well. 

Filleting House Refurbished

Everyone knows how important it is not to have to slap flies when you’re filleting fish. Waving a knife around your head is never a good idea at the best of times,  but  this  is especially true when you’re  trying to ward off mosquitoes, hornets, and sand flies at the same time.


Carpentry For Fish- A good Deal all-round

Scott’s brother Dean has a group of  friends who like to fish, and DDD
they’re pretty handy too. That  combination has led to a barter
arrangement that has persisted over a number of years.


The Ulrichs- Friendly Competition Between the Sexes

There seemed to be some friendly competition between the guys and the girls at the lodge this year, as evidenced by the fish they are displaying.