Pawistik Lodge has been around in one form or another for about 30 years. Through the years Pawistik Lodge has seen many people come and go. We have also seen many changes to the facility and area. The information below has been compiled from The Pawistik News over the past 9 years.
'95 Sees Big Changes
In early spring arrangements were made to put us on the SaskPower grid. Other improvements included new signage for the lodge, limestone walks for the flowerbeds, electric fridges and stoves for all the cabins, bunk beds, paint for for many of the outbuildings and the brushing out of many overgrown spots both front and back.
'96 - Guest Cabins Get Facelift
This summer there was some major foundation work to be done. While replacing beams it was decided to give each cabin a new deck. We may call ourselves rustic, but never uncomfortable.
'97 - New Cabin Ready for '98
A new cabin was built which can sleep up to 12, in 2 fully insulated bedrooms. With dimensions of 24' x 24' feet. (Mom said she raised three kids in a smaller house), bedrooms are large and well lit, and the open common area is fully half the size of the entire footage of the unit.
'98 - The Vogels-Legends of the Fall
They just finished their 17th trip up to the lodge in fall of '98, and every year they look forward to the time when they can wet their line again. We're talking about the Vogels, Richard and Roger, with their entourage of eager fishermen from Missouri. An indication of how eager they are to start fishing is the fact that in most cases they are in the boats and heading downstream within an hour of arriving at the lodge.
'99 - New Dock a Welcome Addition
Extending out for 40' into the water, the dock consist of stone pilings for the foundation, rough cut poplar for cribbing and stringers, more poplar planks and then a final deck of treated plywood to ensure non-slip and rot free surface. It's also built to take high water, and extends far enough to allow boats to moor even in low water.
'00 - Work Proceeding on the Gazebo
Our eight-sided gazebo is about 16' in diameter, will have four foot walls, and then screen up to the roof. In the centre will be a three foot diameter fireplace with a hood and chimney, and this fire pit will be surrounded by tables and chairs, a food preparation area , and even power so that you can enjoy a little light and even a few tunes if you're so inclined.
'01 - Attendance at Trade Shows Planned
Plans are being made to take the lodge on the road early in the new year. Going to a few trade shows will give us a chance to tell some prospective friends about one of the best fishing spots in all of Saskatchewan, and hence Canada.
'02 - Brush Clearing in a Big Way
We decided to get busy and clear the scrub brush and dead trees from behind the four cabins on the west side of the lodge. We're exploring the idea of a camping and RV parking area, complete with running water and power hookups.
'03 - A Brief Word on Catch and Release
As beautiful as the scenery at and around the lodge is, few would disagree that the presence of big fish in the river is one of the major drawing cards for our guests year after year. It is also true that if we do not catch then release our big fish, slow growth rates in our northern lakes and rivers mean a twenty pound plus northern taken from these waters will not be replaced for a very long time.
You are welcome to eat as much as you want, and take home your full limits, but please let the big ones go to be caught again.