You probably won't want to take time to do anything else but fish the river while you're at the lodge, but if you feel the urge to spend a day or two getting to know the area, here are a few suggestions.
Flin Flon Museum gives an overview of the town, its early development, and a general history of the area, both natural and man-made.  The Denare Beach Museum focuses on the region's native people and the history of the fur trade in the area.  There are two art galleries in Flin Flon, and one at Denare Beach. These galleries feature the work of local and other northern artists, as well as handicrafts by native artisans.
Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co. offers daily tours of both underground and refinery operations, giving you an overview of what makes Northern Manitoba tick from an economic sense. Processing of mainly copper and zinc from underground ore through refining is a fascinating experience at one of North America's largest mineral complexes.  Don't forget to ask for souvenirs!
Lake Agassiz was a huge inland  sea that washed up against the Precambrian Shield  hundreds of thousands of years ago.  When the water receded, it left behind huge limestone beds loaded with fossil remains.  These limestone deposits are just west of the lodge.  Spend a day looking for ancient sponges, ammonites, and other marine organisms.  We'll even tell you where to go.
Phantom Lake Golf & Country Club is a challenging 9-hole course literally blasted out of the rock.  Thousands of tons of fill and black dirt were trucked in to fashion the course, and its well worth a round or two.  Swimming at numerous beaches, waterskiing, and boating on one of hundreds of lakes is always an option if you don't get enough water at the lodge.  If you want to fish for lakers, just let us know and well fix you up with a local guide we'll take you to some of the largest lake trout in North America.  Last years Trout Festival winner was 53 lbs. 9 oz., and that one is still swimming today, along with many other trophies.
Flin Flon has a number of good restaurants, but ask us first so you're not surprised.  As for night life, the town's lounges and hotels feature live bands on weekends.  Closer to the lodge, you can always try the Jan Lake Hotel for a unique cultural experience.
Flin Flon and vicinity has an interesting history in addition to its natural beauty.  Check out  the often unique building styles in town, where utilities are provided by different means than you would expect.  Short drives out of town take you to little lake front communities like Denare Beach, Creighton and Channing, and there are many scenic drives and short hikes within a few miles of town.  Again, just ask and well point the way.